Associates Financial Solutions Inc.
"No fees until we recover your money"

We work with each client to develop a collection program that is right for them.  We offer specific collection
programs or we can develop a customized collection plan.  If you are unfamiliar with the types of services a
collection agency typically provides, please check our
FAQ section.  At AFS, we emphasis persistent
telephone follow-up as the key to our success.  Debtors tend to respond to assertive telephone follow-up
more than they respond to letters.      

All past due files are reported to credit bureaus 31 days after placement.  AFS provides monthly e-mail
reporting, client internet file access, EFT payment processing, and EFT client remittance.


One or more letters are sent to the debtor on our letterhead, which lets the debtor know you are serious about
collecting your debt.  Payments and inquires are made directly to you.


AFS staff will utilize telephone calls and letters to recover the debt.  While our staff will make all possible
attempts to collect the debt using letters and telephone calls, if payment is not procured using these methods
we may request authorization to take legal action.  The rate for the standard program is a contingent fee
based on the collection procedures required to collect the debt.    


AFS staff will utilize all means to collect your debt including standard collection techniques, skip tracing, and
legal action.  The contingent fee is a flat rate.  


We will customize a program specifically for your company.  One of our partners will work with you to
determine which services would best meet your needs and customize a rate for you.  


AFS utilizes experienced collection attorneys to recover money to the extent of the law from uncooperative
debtors.  AFS will pay all court costs and attorney fees except when specified otherwise by law.


We provide assistance and support to our clients with their credit and collections questions.  If training is
initially required to help your staff understand the collections process, we can conduct on-site training at your
business or we can provide assistance over the telephone.  AFS staff can also review your company's
procedures for invoicing customers to ensure the procedures are effective and minimize the need for


AFS is affiliated with Sharlabo, Inc. Medical Billing and Consulting Services.  Sharlabo provides medical billing
services to Mental Health Professionals.      

This is an attempt to collect a debt; any information will be used for that purpose.